Hi Tack All Purpose Very Sticky Glue 115ml

Hi Tack All Purpose Very Sticky Glue 115ml Thinner than the Original Hi Tack Glue Dries clear & Flexible
SKU: HT1785
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Sticky Pick up Tool

Sticky Pick up Tool Much easier to use than tweezers, this tool is great for picking up small items such as Gemstones, Sequins or even Decoupage pieces and then placing them onto your projects. Cleaning: If the end becomes dirty or dusty simply wash under warm water and the stickyness comes back to life.

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Pergamano Perga Soft

Pergamano Perga Soft. Perga Soft is a special kind of wax which can be used on embossing and/or perforating tools. It makes embossing and perforating easier. Just drag the embossing or perforating tool over the wax lightly. Perga soft is influenced by temperatures. If it is cold the wax will be harder. If you keep it in a warm place it will be softer. Pack 1

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